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Former Bucs General Counsel Named Head Of Player Operations for Nascent Professional Football League

(Editor’s Note: The following appeared in Sports Litigation Alert, the nation’s leading sports law periodical, featuring dozens of relevant case summaries and expert articles. To learn more, visit www.sportslitigationalert.com) The Alliance of American Football (AAF) has named David Cohen as head of player operations for the league. In this role, he will work closely with…
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Valuation Expert Emily Must of UMASS Looks at Two Storied NFL Franchises

It’s been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl. To be exact, 1995 was their last appearance. On the other hand the New England Patriots have made it a regular habit of not only making it to the big dance, but winning big. However, when it comes to franchise…
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Mark Conrad, Fordham Sports Law Professor, Weighs in on Franchise Relocation

If ever there was an NFL franchise with a storied and steamy history, it’s Oakland. Al Davis took black and silver and a bad-boy image to a new level. And since the Raiders are moving, what better place than to Las Vegas—sin city. The move leaves Oakland fans in a state of betrayal and those…
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