Valuation Expert Emily Must of UMASS Looks at Two Storied NFL Franchises

Valuation Expert Emily Must of UMASS Looks at Two Storied NFL Franchises

It’s been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys have been to the Super Bowl. To be exact, 1995 was their last appearance. On the other hand the New England Patriots have made it a regular habit of not only making it to the big dance, but winning big.

However, when it comes to franchise value, that honor, as bestowed by Forbes Magazine, goes to the Cowboys even though until just recently they have struggled year-in and year-out to put a quality team on the field. As valued by Forbes, the Patriots are worth $3.4 billion, which is no paltry figure. On the other hand, the Cowboys top the chart at $4.2 billion.

But this is not about who has the best players. It’s about opportunity versus facility versus market. And there’s no doubt that Jerry Jones has taken advantage of all three. Jones’ AT&T stadium seats 100,000 while Gillette Field has 67,000 seats. The irony here is that the Patriots with less seating generate more ticket revenue. The disparity in this case is in the lease money that Jones brings in with his luxury suites. It’s significantly more than what New England earns for its suites.

Emily Must, a sports management professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said “The Dallas stadium has another financial advantage over Gillette Stadium: Its retractable roof and the Texas climate allow the team to hold non-NFL events throughout the year, creating more money for the team.” She also added, and, “No matter how great the team or the business acumen of the people running the team, you can’t change your market.”

Maybe winning isn’t everything. Jerry Jones has sure been busy doing other “stuff.” The fans though? Pretty sure the won-loss column is what counts to them.

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