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Feldman to Hold Newly-Endowed Sher Garner Professorship in Sports Law, Nation’s First Such Professorship Dedicated to Sports Law

Tulane University’s nationally recognized Sports Law Program will now be led by the nation’s first fully endowed professorship dedicated to sports law – Professor Gabe Feldman. Alumni and longtime supporters Leopold and Karen Sher and James and Tracie Garner have endowed the Sher Garner Professorship in Sports Law.  The professorship will be held by Professor…
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University of San Francisco’s Dan Rascher Sees the Outside Hiring of College ADs as Temporary Trend

Last year, Syracuse hired ESPN’s John Wildhack, the network’s Executive Vice President for Production and Programming, to manage its athletic department. Having no experience in athletic administration, one might think this to be a gamble. On the other hand, college athletics have certainly become a business, so why not get yourself a successful businessman with…
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