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Kevin Garnett’s Claim Against CPAs Continues After Court Finds It Has Jurisdiction

(Editor’s Note: The following appeared in Sports Litigation Alert. Subscribe to the Alert to see more articles like this one.) A federal judge from the District of Minnesota has denied a CPA firm’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit by NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, alleging professional malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, and aiding and…
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Sports Law Professor Peter Carfagna Goes Online to Teach Students ‘How to Become a Sports Agent’

First, it was called distance learning—correspondence courses being the medium. With the growth of the digital age, it became online studies. More recently, another name has stuck – the MOOC (massive open online course). To date these MOOCs have mushroomed in popularity. Take Case Western University in Cleveland, it currently offers some 10 MOOCs, among…
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