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State Requires Schools to Establish, Review, and Annually Practice an Athletics Emergency Action Plan for Heart Issues

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed this week the Smart Heart Act, legislation that requires automatic defibrillators in schools and establishes response protocols for cardiac-related medical emergencies. The bill received unanimous, bipartisan legislative support. The Act requires each public and nonpublic school serving grades nine through twelve to maintain an automated external defibrillator (AED) that is…
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Sports Litigation Alert Reports on the Full Breadth of the Sports Law Industry with Timely, Insightful Articles in Last Two Issues

Beneficiaries of the Alert include both the private sector and higher education, where professors use the Alert with thousands of sports law students. As Hackney Publications closes in on the completion of its 18th year of publishing Sports Litigation Alert, publisher Holt Hackney is especially proud of the last two issues. “We’re touching on every…
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More than 100 Sports Law Professors Now Use Sports Litigation Alert in the Classroom

Hackney Publications, the nation’s leading publisher of sports law periodicals, announced last month that new tools have been  added to Sports Litigation Alert (Alert), a periodical that has been used in sports law classrooms for more than 15 years, which will make it even more useful for professors and their college students. Shortly thereafter, several…
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High School Football Players Tossed from Summer Camp, Then from Court

(The following is an excerpt from Sports Litigation Alert, a subscription-based newsletter that publishes 24 times a year and features a searchable archive of more than 3,000 articles and case summaries, the vast majority of which are original content). To subscribe, visit here.) By Jeff Birren, Senior Writer In 2016, high school football players attended…
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Will High School Athletes Be the Next to Reap NIL Benefits?

The answer of course is yes. But not without a fight. Witness the posturing from the Florida High School Athletic Association on July 1: “Florida Statute 1006.74 went into effect and will provide intercollegiate student-athletes attending a postsecondary institution an opportunity to earn compensation for his or her NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) in amounts…
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