CCHA Law and The PICTOR Group Announce New Partnership in Collegiate Athletics Space

CCHA Law and The PICTOR Group Announce New Partnership in Collegiate Athletics Space

Church Church Hittle and Antrim (CCHA Law) has announced a strategic partnership with The PICTOR Group, a consulting firm with extensive experience in the athletics sector. This collaboration aims “to enhance the services offered to clients by leveraging the combined expertise and resources of both organizations.”

Through this partnership, CCHA Law and The PICTOR Group will provide “comprehensive legal, compliance, and strategic advisory services to higher education institutions and athletic organizations. The collaboration ensures a seamless transition for clients, from legal advisement to the implementation of strategic recommendations, enhancing the overall client experience and service quality.”

Kelleigh Fagan, chair of the sports law practice at CCHA Law, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with The PICTOR Group. Our conversations have convinced us that our clients will greatly benefit from this collaboration. Together, we can offer a broader and more integrated range of services, providing enhanced value for our clients and making it a lot of fun to work together.”

This partnership signifies a shared commitment to providing exceptional service to clients by combining legal expertise with strategic advisory capabilities.

“On behalf of The PICTOR Group, we look forward to the opportunity to work with our engaging colleagues at CCHA Law,” said PICTOR founder and CEO Cary Groth. “We believe that our partnership will offer a synergistic approach to help better serve our clients and the challenges that they face.”