LEAD1 Shares Plans for its Upcoming 2023 Annual Fall Meeting: Shaping the Future of College Athletics

LEAD1 Shares Plans for its Upcoming 2023 Annual Fall Meeting: Shaping the Future of College Athletics

The LEAD1 Association, in some form or fashion, has been around for decades.

But there have been few meetings by the organization, which represents college sports’ largest athletic departments, that has attracted as much anticipation as the Annual Fall Meeting, scheduled for later this month in Washington, D.C.

In response to the evolving landscape of college athletics and the intensified external pressures, LEAD1’s focus for this year’s Annual Fall Meeting is on shaping a vision for the future of college athletics.

Key Highlights:

  • Closed-Door FBS AD-Only Meeting: This exclusive session will bring together experts and thought leaders in college sports to explore viable paths for the future, guided by expert college sports attorneys and advisors.
  • College Sports Leaders: College sports leaders, including NCAA President Gov. Charlie Baker and Members of Congress will attend.
  • College Sports Congress Day: Participants will take their perspectives to Capitol Hill, enabling them to engage with their representatives.
  • Homer Rice Award Presentation: This distinguished award will be presented to former LEAD1 athletics director, Dan Guerrero, for his remarkable contributions to college athletics.
  • Networking Receptions: Networking gatherings will provide attendees with the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations.
“LEAD1 cultivates an environment where fresh ideas can be explored without reservation,” said LEAD1 President & CEO, Tom McMillen. “Our meeting serves as a platform for open dialogue inviting stakeholders to contribute, deliberate, and help shape the future of college athletics.”

“In the dynamic landscape of college sports, LEAD1 provides an essential platform for FBS athletics directors to engage in candid and constructive discussions about critical policy matters,” said LEAD1 Board Chair & Director of Athletics at the University of Pittsburgh, Heather Lyke. “Together, as athletics director colleagues, we share insights and perspectives with an eye toward making positive change in college athletics.”

Overall, LEAD1’s impact and reach encompass 42 states, 55,000 student athletes, and more than 25,000 athletic administrators, all with a focus towards supporting the success of student-athletes and the future of college sports.