Sports Law Professor Seeks Help Finishing Chapters in Textbook

Sports Law Professor Seeks Help Finishing Chapters in Textbook

Prof. Gil Fried, of the University of West Florida, is putting together a team of sport law experts from throughout the country to help write a sport risk management textbook.  The book, to be published by Carolina Academic Press, is being written 25 years after Safe at First was published by CAP and written by Prof. Fried and sport law legend Dr. Herb Appenzeller.  The new book is being dedicated to Dr. Appenzeller and all funds associated with the text will go to the Sport and Recreation Law Association (SRLA) to help promote sport law education/research.

The new books is being co-edited by Prof. Fried and Drs. Todd Seidler (UNM), Susan Foster (President at Sport Business Consulting, LLC and former professor at Saint Leo), and John Miller (UNF).  There are over 20 other sport law professionals who have agreed to write short chapters covering various topics.  Each chapter is between 7-10 pages and cover a topic such as AEDS in sport, sport transportation, marketing risk management, financial risk management, football, baseball, and other sports.  While a number of topics are covered, there is still a need for coverage of some topics:  The chapters we are looking for include:

  • Defining key terms (Duty, breach, proximate cause, injury, defenses, risk management, etc…) –
  • Government regulations (what government laws might apply)

o   Title IX (coverage and application for administrators)

o   ADA (coverage and application for administrators examining both participation/spectators and venue/event accommodations)

  • Misc. Government Regulations (anything else? Such as recreational use statutes)
  • Appropriate Facilities (what do coaches, PE instructors, and administrators need to do)-

o   Locker Rooms

o   Indoor venues

o   Outdoor venues

  • Appropriate Equipment (what do coaches, PE instructors, and administrators need to do)
  • Protecting Athletes (what do coaches, PE instructors, and administrators need to do)
  • Miscellaneous Duties (anything else?)
  • Youth Sport (pulling all the various areas together)
  • High School Sports (pulling all the various areas together)
  • College Sport (Pulling all the various areas together)
  • Professional Sport (Pulling all the various areas together)
  • Community Events (5k, heart runs, etc…)
  • Sport Specific Concerns

o   Fitness

o   Football-

o   Golf

o   Gymnastics

o   Hockey

o   Lacrosse

o   Soccer

o   Winter Sports

  • Contracts

o   Relevant Clauses

o   Waivers

o   Releases

o   Application/Registration Forms

  • Employment Law

o   Independent Contractors v. Employees

o   Discrimination- Age, Race, Gender, etc..

o   Sexual Harassment

  • Business Law

o   Introduction

o   Forming your organization

o   Legal Compliance

o   Government licensure/taxes (alcohol sale, athletic trainers, player taxes)

o   Permits (usage, assembly, street, food, occupancy, fire marshals)

o   International concerns (visas, travel laws, COVID rules impacting tennis, imprisonment, criminal law))

  • Constitutional Law

o   Introduction

o   State Actors (what are examples- NY Yankees case- entanglement)-

  • Misc.

o   Trespass (use, sound, lights, smells)

As can be seen, there are a lot of opportunities for those who might want to contribute.  The typical chapter has the following elements:

  • In the News- example of why this is relevant and in the news
  • Introduction- basic intro.
  • Specific Concerns and how to address them
  • Top Ten List- key take aways to help implement changes
  • Resources- several valuable web pages for additional information
  • References

If you are possibly interested in writing a chapter, please let Prof. Fried ( know and he can send you more information.