Sports Law Podcast – ‘Incident Reporting and Litigation: From the Venue to the Courthouse’

Sports Law Podcast – ‘Incident Reporting and Litigation: From the Venue to the Courthouse’

On Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 11:00 AM Central Time, the Innovation Institute for Fan Experience (IIFX) will host a virtual town hall entitled “Incident Reporting and Litigation: From the Venue to the Courthouse.” An experienced panel of Sports & Entertainment industry litigation experts will discuss incident reporting and how to manage the potential litigation that may result.

The webinar is described as follows: “Incidents and litigation are facts of life in the Sports & Entertainment industry. The industry creates eye-watering spectacles and memory-making experiences for fans around the world. Every step of the fan journey from travel, parking, security screening, entry, circulating through the venue, the event itself, exit, and travel home can be laden with potential brand-damaging incidents that make or break the fan experience and affect your financial bottom line. How best can you prepare for when a venue incident leads you to the courthouse?”

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The Town Hall is part of IIFX’s FANCENTRICTM series of podcasts and forums and is complimentary to any and all that can benefit from attending this Town Hall event.

Join our panel of experts, including:

Bill Squires – Owner, The Right Stuff Consulting

Carla Varriale-Barker  – Shareholder, Segal McCambridge

John Pitblado  – Shareholder, Carlton Fields

IIFX works with its sports & entertainment industry and technology partners “to create the ideal FANCENTRICTM experience. The goal is to help our partners enhance the fan experience and enjoy measurable revenue growth, new and repeat attendance, workforce professional growth and development, and maximized health, safety, and security through best practices, innovative technology solutions, and high-quality services.”