Sports Law Professor Ellen Zavian Talks About Esports at National Conference

Sports Law Professor Ellen Zavian Talks About Esports at National Conference

Sports Law Professor Ellen Zavian, who is teaches at GW Law School, was the keynote speaker at “ED Games Expo Showcase: Esports & Education,” which was held in early January at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C.

Zavian, who is the editor-in-chief of Esports and the Law, has become one of the nation’s leading experts about the developing practice known as esports law. The entire conference can be viewed at the following link. However, skip forward ten minutes to catch her talk:

Zavian began her career in sports when she was a student at the University of Maryland where she worked in the university’s intramural sports and recreation department while working at the Maryland Race Tracks in the promotional department on weekends. While earning her law degree, she interned at the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). Soon after graduation, Zavian became the first female attorney/agent in the NFL. She has represented the US Women’s Soccer and Softball gold medalists and extreme athletes, collectively, and held the title of Commissioner for the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference.

Zavian served as coordinator for the NFLPA’s Native American project, a nationally recognized journalist, and a court expert in licensing/sports agreements. She also created the United Breakin Association, a global association for competitive break dancers and was appointed to a task force to get break dancing in the Olympics (Youth Olympics 2018 and Olympics 2024).

She has served on many sports-related committees, including the DC Bar’s Arts, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Section, and co-created the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Sports & Entertainment Committee. She teaches sports law, negotiations, leadership, and entrepreneurship at the George Washington University School of Business and GW Law School, while serving her clients in the sports industry, conducting arbitrations, and leading corporate workshops.