SRLA Announces Award Winners at Sports Law Conference

SRLA Announces Award Winners at Sports Law Conference

The Sports and Recreation Law Association (SRLA) has announced several award winners from its recent annual conference, which was held March 2-4 in Las Vegas.

The Betty van der Smissen Leadership Award was presented to Steve McKelvey, Associate Department Chair for External Relations & Associate Professor Sport Management in the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst, who is also the organization’s outgoing president.

The Herb Appenzeller SRLA Honor Award was presented to Annie Clement, retired from the graduate faculty at the University of New Mexico, who has also taught at The Ohio State University, Bowling Green State University, and Cleveland State University.

The Lori K. Miller SRLA Young Professional Award was given to Natasha Brison, Assistant Professor, Health and Kinesiology, at Texas A& M University.

The SRLA Research Fellow was presented to Dr. Thomas Baker, Professor, Department of Kinesiology (Sport Management) at the University of Georgia.

The Best Paper Award was presented to Mark Conrad for his paper entitled “The Supreme Court Tackles Disparaging Trademarks — Will the Washington Redskins win on First Amendment Grounds?” Conrad is Associate Professor, Law and Ethics, at Fordham University.

The Bernard Patrick Maloy Graduate Student Research Award was given to Graduate Student Sarah Carrick (PhD Student majoring in law), who wrote “The Tort from Nowhere — Appropriation and Athletes’ Personality in Ontario” and is being advised by David McArdle of the Stirling University School of Law

Winner of the Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition were University of Alabama students Taylor Seagle and Jacob Brabant (How Morality Clauses Can Impact the Outside Actions of Olympic Athletes), who were advised by sports law professor Dylan Williams.

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Next year’s conference will be held in San Antonio February 29-March 3.