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Kristi Schoepfer’s Passing Leaves a Hole in the Sports Law Academic Community

People are complex. What you see is not always the same thing that everyone else sees. Kristi Schoepfer, the Winthrop University (SC) sports law professor, was a textbook example of[…]

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Big Ten Conference Hosts Its First LGBTQ+ Symposium

The Big Ten Conference (Big Ten) hosted its first LGBTQ+ Symposium today, at the Big Ten Headquarters and Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois, to celebrate the start of PRIDE Month.[…]

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Sports Law Expert Podcast Interviews Power & Cronin’s Jared Vasiliauskas

Hackney Publications announced today that Jared P. Vasiliauskas, a sports lawyer and partner at Power & Cronin, is the featured guest on the Sports Law Expert Podcast. The podcast segment[…]

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