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Former NFL Player Has ‘Tort’ Case Against Chargers and League Dismissed on Preemption Grounds

(Editor’s Note: What is shared here is one of 13 articles from the latest Sports Litigation Alert, the nation’s leading sports law periodical.) By Christopher R. Deubert, Senior Writer In a September 21, 2023 decision, the United States District Court for the Central District of California granted a motion to dismiss by the NFL and…
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Court Finds Plaintiff’s Experience as Risk Taker Undercut Her Legal Claim at Adventure Park

(Editor’s Note: What follows is a case summary from Sports Litigation Alert, the nation’s leading sports law periodical. Besides sharing the latest news and analysis, subscribers to the Alert have access to a searchable archive of close to 5,000 original case summaries and articles.) By Courtney E. Dunn, of Segal McCambridge Plaintiff Courtney Barrett was…
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Two New York Decisions Reflect Confusion Over Assumption of Risk

(Editor’s note: the following was written recently by Gary Chester, our long-time senior writer and a sports law professor, for Sports Litigation Alert. The Alert is the most-comprehensive sports law periodical in the nation, publishing 15 to 20 case summaries and articles every two weeks, and featuring a searchable archive of 5,000 summaries and articles.)…
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