Professor: Trans Boxers Will Cause Even More Injuries to Females

Professor: Trans Boxers Will Cause Even More Injuries to Females

USA Boxing, the governing body of the sport in the United States, has adopted a new rule which would permit males (M2F trans athletes) to compete against women in a sport which requires competitors to inflict as much harm as possible upon their opponent by punching them in the head and body, according to George Washington University Public Interest Law Professor John Banzhaf.

He cautioned that this could led to “very serious injuries to women.”

He added that “years ago, this problem was dramatically illustrated in another very dangerous confrontation in a similar sport when a male who ‘transitioned’ to female at 30 years of age (well past puberty when most size and strength development occurs), was permitted to fight as a female in women’s mixed martial arts [MMA] competition in which punches were central.

Reportedly, within the first minutes of the match, he had fractured the skull of an experienced female MMA competitor, and continued his brutal assault until the fight had to be stopped after lasting less than 2 minutes.

“The uneven fight lasted just over 2 minutes, before the referee was forced to stop the carnage to prevent even further damage and suffering to a then-helpless female being repeatedly punched about the face and head by the much more powerful male.”

The match can be viewed here.

Banzhaf went to cite numerous examples in other sports of the imbalance leading to injury.