Super Bowl Fans Can Partake in First-Ever Pop-Up Cannabis Festival

Super Bowl Fans Can Partake in First-Ever Pop-Up Cannabis Festival

There have been many changes in American societal laws and attitudes in the past two decades, including gay marriage and abortion. One of the most dramatic changes has been the attitude toward cannabis. As of 2022, 21 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized recreational use for adults 21 years and older, while 37 states have legalized medical marijuana programs.

The most profitable professional sport—the NFL—has sponsored research on its use in pain management; many retired sports figures have created brands and opened dispensaries; and Super Bowl LVI was the first one played in a state which had legalized cannabis use for those 21 and older. Though there are still limitations in stadiums and commercials, Arizona will host the first Consumption Park–a festival that merges the “cannaverse” with the “metaverse” and entertainment—at 2209 N 99th Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona, February 10-12, 2023.

Consumption Park is the creation of Lawrence “Red” McIntosh, CEO of Brand Element LLC. “This is the first pop-up, experiential cannabis festival,” he says. “We will combine cannabis education and branding with food, music, and entertainment.” This innovative environment will feature exciting, new experiences, such as Redman’s Day and the Mint Mall. Other key sponsors include Barz, Red Coral Universe, Grade AZ, and Cannahouse.

The weekend starts early. On Friday afternoon, the excitement kicks off with the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop celebration featuring Devin the Dude, Kid Capri, Redman, and other famous artists. One highlight will be the finals of the BARZ & Beats Cypher Competition to determine the top producer and MC duo which will progress to the national competition.

Saturday will be centered around Docs Block, hosted by Redman and featuring a number of well-known artists, such as Fabolous, and Busta Rhymes. Keep up to date on the growing list of entertainers, sponsors, and activities on Saturday and the Sunday finale at

Portions of proceeds from the concerts and weekend activities will benefit non-profit organizations, such as one whose mission is to assist “Prisoners Of the War On Weed” (POWOW), and Redman’s United Empowerment Party (UEP).

Everyone can visit the website to see all of the different activities available and buy tickets for a variety of experiences (e.g., daily, weekend, VIP passes) throughout the weekend.