Campus Health Project (CHP) Launches to Meet Collegiate Athletics’ Growing Demand COVID-19 Testing Capacity

Campus Health Project (CHP) Launches to Meet Collegiate Athletics’ Growing Demand COVID-19 Testing Capacity

In response to surging demand for critical COVID-19 testing capacity among colleges and universities, the Campus Health Project (CHP), higher education’s trusted COVID-19 testing partner, has launched its national initiative dedicated to helping higher education institutions secure the COVID-19 testing capacity and logistical support they need to resume campus life for Fall 2020 and beyond.

Heeding universities’ calls for turnkey COVID-19 testing solutions and speedy test results, CHP is a first-of-its-kind resource tapping the expertise of healthcare professionals, higher education advisors and certified independent clinical lab owners. CHP offers COVID-19 testing solutions which enables university partners to execute a smooth process for their clinical testing needs, including receiving collection kits, sending specimens, and getting quick test results within 24 to 48 hours via dashboards, real-time alerts, and custom reporting. For time-sensitive and critical needs, CHP can provide test results within 24 hours.

“Higher education is in a race against time in ramping up preparations to combat the coronavirus pandemic before fall move in,” said Chuck Brady, CHP’s CEO and Chief Higher Education Advisor, a 22-year higher ed industry veteran. “To meet this unprecedented challenge, universities can count on Campus Health Project to super charge their current COVID-19 testing processes. By applying our turnkey solutions to smoothly integrate with existing sample collection processes, schools can access lab capacity and get quick results so that administrators and contact tracers have the critical tools they need to help control the spread of the virus.”

“Staggering Portion of Available Tests” Needed on Higher Education Campuses

The immediate need for COVID-19 testing capacity is particularly acute to reduce exposure and minimize risk among students, faculty, and staff at the approximately 4,100 higher education institutions across the United States.

Research firm EAB concluded “that even if global supply doubled or tripled, U.S. higher education would still require a staggering portion of available tests.” Based on the CHP’s analysis of projections from academic institutions, guidelines from agencies including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, current national laboratory infrastructure is not set up to handle the surge in demand for COVID-19 testing by universities and colleges.

The Campus Health Project was established to address the specific health and safety needs of higher education. It is partnering with academic institutions and a network of independent labs, matching testing capacity with universities and campuses who lack the internal expertise and resources to meet that demand by themselves.

CHP Leadership

The Campus Health Project brings together an array of experts with extensive experience in healthcare, clinical laboratories and a track record of innovation with higher education institutions. CHP’s leadership team is comprised of:

  • Thomas Huard, CHP’s Chief Clinical Laboratory Advisor and former Chairman of Best Practices at Quest Diagnostics. Dr. Huard oversaw these best practices for the largest molecular lab(s) in the world.
  • David Williams, CHP’s Chief Medical Advisor and CEO of Southside Medical Center works daily with COVID-19 patients, overseeing thousands of drive-up and drive-through Covid-19 tests in the Atlanta area. Dr. Williams is also the CEO of Ethizo, a healthcare automation platform that streamlines health and lab workflows.
  • Chuck Brady, CHP’s CEO and Chief Higher Education Advisor founded Apogee in 1998, successfully growing it to become the largest managed communications provider in higher education currently supporting over 420 Universities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Lee Smith, CHP’s higher ed and legal advisor served as Associate Vice President for legal affairs at University of Texas at Austin for 33 Smith has extensive experience in issues related to regulatory compliance, information technology and security and campus safety and security.

“Coronavirus poses a serious challenge for colleges and universities left unprepared to handle the demand for COVID-19 testing capacity,” said Dr. Thomas Huard, CHP’s chief clinical lab advisor. “The return to the semblance of the traditional college experience requires an understanding of the magnitude of the health crisis and an innovative approach to systematically allocate testing resources where they are most needed.”

CHP Service Availability

Universities currently looking to bolster the reliability and speed of their COVID-19 testing capacity and capabilities can email