Article Looks at Byproduct of Esports Betting – Cheating

Article Looks at Byproduct of Esports Betting – Cheating

Ellen Zavian, the editor in chief of My Legal Bookie, a newsletter that provides news and analysis about the legal sports betting industry, recently wrote an insightful piece about how cheating has become a byproduct of esports betting for the Washington Post.

Zavian wrote that “unlike traditional sports where a player’s intention to throw a game could be more obvious, a malicious esports player can hide to a degree behind the game’s technological components — with a player’s actions filtered through a computer and a network before becoming visible on screen — to mask anomalous behavior or utilize cheating software. When reactions measured in milliseconds can decide the outcome of an esports event, it is harder to determine if a player is throwing a match or just having a bad day.”

She went on to quote the recognized legal expert in the industry, Jeff Ifrah, founder of Ifrah Law Firm, views this moment in time “as a turning point for all stakeholders in the industry.”

Zavian quoted Ifrah as saying that “the public image of the game developers, players and betting platforms will need to stay at a high standard.” In order for patrons to continue to bet on the games and “this will take a team effort, on and off the platforms.”

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