Latest Issue of Sports Medicine and the Law Addressing COVID 19 Hits the Stands – What’s In It!

Latest Issue of Sports Medicine and the Law Addressing COVID 19 Hits the Stands – What’s In It!

Hackney Publications, the nation’s leading publisher of sports law periodicals, announced today the availability of the spring issue of Sports Medicine and the Law (SML).

Supported by Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP, the preeminent law firm when it comes to representing clients in the niche, the latest issue features the following articles:

  • Resuming Play After COVID-19: Potential Liability & Best Practices for Leagues, Teams, Coaches, and Athletic Trainers
  • Navigating a New Gauntlet: Pro Sports Leagues Adapt to Marijuana Legalization
  • Ex-Athletic Trainer Sues Union, Citing Dismissiveness About Concussions
  • The Arrington Settlement and Its Implications: What It Says and What It Doesn’t
  • Experts Go Ten Rounds: How Competing Expert Opinions Can Push A Case to Trial, A Case Study of Thomas v Farrago
  • Too Hot to Handle? Heat-Related Concerns for Tokyo Games
  • Athlete’s Medical Malpractice Claim Can Continue


“This is the best issue yet,” said Holt Hackney, the managing editor of SML. “There’s so much happening in this practice area between COVID-19, concussions, and athlete abuse. It’s never been more important for teams, colleges, associations, athletic trainers, and others to be conscious about keeping those they are responsible for safe, while at the same time limiting their own liability exposure.”

Steve Pachman

Representing Montgomery McCracken as Editors in Chief of the publication are attorneys Steve Pachman, Dylan Henry, Kim Sachs and Kacie Kergides.

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Hackney Publications is the nation’s leading publisher of Sports Law Periodicals. In total, Hackney Publications produces 12 such newsletters, including Sports Litigation Alert, Professional Sports and the Law, Legal Issues in High School Athletics, Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics, Journal of NCAA Compliance, Concussion Litigation Reporter, and Sports Facilities and the Law. It produces five other publications that are complimentary and supported by sponsorship. These include Title IX Alert, Sports Medicine and the Law, Concussion Defense Reporter, Esports and the Law, and MyLegalBookie.

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