Sport and Recreation Law Association Seeks Associate Executive Director

Sport and Recreation Law Association Seeks Associate Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Sport and Recreation Law Association is seeking applications for the vacancy in the position of Associate Executive Director. Job duties are described below. Interested persons should send a letter of application including statement of interest, as well as abbreviated CV, by May 15, 2020. Remuneration for the position, including stipend and travel support, will be negotiated directly with the Board.

Job Duties:

 Track membership renewals, including invoicing, updating contact information

 Take minutes at Board meetings: conference calls, pre-conference meeting, general business meeting, and changeover meeting.

 Assist with conference registration, including coordinating coverage at the registration table, if requested by the Conference Coordinator

 Store archives information of the organization

 Accept all income and pay all bills for the organization, maintain a spreadsheet of expenses and income.

 Provide monthly reports (bank statements and spreadsheets) to Executive Director and Finance Officer.

 Provide membership roster to SRLA partners designated by the Board.

 Other mutually agreed upon duties related to SRLA administrative tasks.

Initial term will be 3 years (through the 2023 conference)

Please direct all inquiries to Angela Smith-Nix, Thank you for your interest in serving SRLA.