10 Years and Running – Sports Litigation Alert Is Being Used More Than Ever in Sports Law Classroom

10 Years and Running – Sports Litigation Alert Is Being Used More Than Ever in Sports Law Classroom

With the fall semester, Sports Litigation Alert celebrates its tenth year of being a staple in the Sports Law classroom, where professors and instructors use it as a replacement for expensive textbooks, or at least a supplement for the textbook, which is frequently dated by the time it is published.

For background purposes, the Alert publishes every two weeks and includes 5 to 6 case summaries and 7 to 10 articles. Subscribers have access to approximately 2,500 case summaries and articles, more than 2,000 on which are original articles. Here is a sample.

For professors and or their universities, we offer a few different subscription programs.

First, we offer a library subscription in which the Alert is made available to everyone on the network, which is $450 a year.

Second, we offer an academic subscription, which is $195, and is available here.

Third, we offer a complimentary subscription, where professors receive a free subscription when they require students to subscribe at a greatly reduced $15 a semester rate.

Over the years, we have launched a couple initiatives to make the Alert more usable with students. First, we provide questions and answers per case summary to ensure students are reading the material. Second, some professors prefer an SLA light edition for their undergraduate classes, where we take only the top two summaries and articles and create an edition for students that is less daunting.

In addition, professors that subscribe receive a couple things:

First, they receive ten subject matter compendiums at the beginning of the semester, in which we pull articles from the past six months of Alerts about a particular area, like Title IX or Antitrust. Professors find that these compendiums, which can be distributed to students, serve to update the text they are using with the most current developments.

Second, professors also have the option of being included in the Expert Witness Directory, which is the number one entry in google when someone searches sports law expert.

If you want some inspiration on how to use the Alert, check out the following article about how professors use the Alert.

In sum, the Alert is tailor-made for the sports law classroom, which is why we are completing a decade of service to the industry, and excited about the next one.