Sports Law Professor Releases New Book About Boating the Grand Canyon

Sports Law Professor Releases New Book About Boating the Grand Canyon

Jim Moss, a sports law professor in Colorado, has released new book, entitled Boating the Grand Canyon: A “How To” for Private Boaters, which “will help make your once in a lifetime trip work.

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“The Colorado River flowing through the Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring places on earth. Rafting and kayaking down the river is the water trip of a lifetime. Whether you are trying to get a permit or have already one a permit, this new book will instantly make planning your Grand Canyon River trip easier.

You want this once in a lifetime experience to be everything you have heard and dreamed about for years. Boating the Grand Canyon Will help make those dreams come true.

25 years of working on commercial trips in the Grand Canyon and private trips, or as the Park Service calls them non-commercial river trips, has helped me gather the best from both worlds. On top of that I’ve worked river trips for dozens of companies all over the east and west. Twenty-Five years rafting in the West, 1000’s of river days and dozens of commercial and private trips have given me the opportunity to pick the best of all works to write this book and make your trip special.

This new book will instantly make planning your Grand Canyon River trip easier.

This book will

  • Plan on getting your trip together
  • Pick the perfect friends to go down the river with you.
  • Help you understand the equipment to take or that you renting from an outfitter
  • Know what gear you need to bring with you to make the trip easier and better
  • Give you more time to enjoy the Grand Canyon
  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Show you all of the options you have in planning and running your trip
  • Help you transfer your river trip skills to a Grand Canyon trip

Boating the Grand Canyon explains the Non-Commercial River Trip regulations and why and how the Grand Canyon National Park River Rangers enforce the rules. By knowing and understanding the reasoning for the rules you will have a better experience with National Park Service Rangers.

This book is full of:

  • Ideas on how to plan and what not to plan for your private river trip.
  • How to decide what meals will work for your group and trip
  • Ideas on how to organize
    • Your trip
    • Your kitchen crews
    • Your menu
    • Your menu based on your schedule
    • Your boat
  • How to Quickly rig in the morning
  • How to easily de-rig in the evening
  • How to plan, in advance

12 Chapters of ideas, time savers, equipment and gear to bring and not to bring. The best way to organize your trip and the best way to keep everyone happy. 150 pages of tips, tricks and ideas to keep you enjoying the trip and not worrying about it. Two chapters on resources, links and terminology to help you become the professional Grand Canyon private boater.

  1. You want to run the Grand Canyon.
  2. Planning your trip: Organizing Your People
  3. What to Take Down the River: Stuff
  4. Food and Pre-Trip Food Preparation
  5. Things to do before you Start Your Trip
  6. Ideas on Packing and Rigging
  7. On the River
  8. Special days on the River
  9. Getting to the End of your trip
  10. Hints Tips & Tricks
  11. River Etiquette
  12. Books, Websites & References
  13. Appendix
  14. Glossary: Grand Canyon Terms & Terminology

Whitewater rafting and kayaking the legendary rapids, Horn, Granite, Crystal and Lava are what your dreams concentrate on, are you good enough, can I do it, how much fun am I going to have? This book will show you how to load your boats, and deal with the issues so running the rapids is not the keep you up all night worrying issue it might be.

The Colorado River has so much more to offer than just fantastic Whitewater. Views that are only available on a river trip such as Vasey’s Paradise, Red Wall Cavern, Elves Chasm and Deer Creek Falls are just a few.

No matter if you follow this book to the letter, or you glance through it for some new ideas, Boating the Grand Canyon will help you enjoy the Canyon, watch it change the lives of the people you are floating downriver with and marvel at what it did to you when you get home.”