CMU’s Mackey Touts School’s Accredited Sports Management Program

CMU’s Mackey Touts School’s Accredited Sports Management Program

Now here’s a surprise.

As of early 2016, neither Michigan State University nor University of Michigan offered an accredited sports management program—the operative word here being “accredited.” The only two schools that did have an accredited program were Central Michigan University (CMU) and Davenport University.

Obviously, accreditation is a big deal. It’s a long process. It involves certification by the “Commission on Sport Management Accreditation.” Certain national standards have to be met, as well as that criteria has to be maintained.

Significant in the completion of the program at CMU is the participation in internships. Students have performed internships with such organizations as “the U.S. Olympics committee, Detroit Tigers and Pistons, NFL, WNBA and NASCAR.”

Julia King, a sophomore transfer from Oakland Community College, had high praise for CMU, saying, “CMU has the best sports management program in the state. The faculty and opportunities that the program has are really amazing. I’m going into the business side of sports management and CMU has students who work for the NFL, which is what I would like to do.”

Associate professor Marcia Mackey, in CMU’s physical education and sports department, has worked in the school’s program since 1992. She said, “The sports management program is the umbrella of the business of sports. It can involve marketing, business and coaching.”

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