Legal Expert Gil Fried Will Serve as Editor-in-Chief of Sports Facilities and the Law

Legal Expert Gil Fried Will Serve as Editor-in-Chief of Sports Facilities and the Law

Hackney Publications announced today the launch of Sports Facilities and the Law (SFL), a periodical that will be guided in large part by Gil Fried, a sport management professor at the University of New Haven, and an illustrious advisory board of attorneys and facility management experts from across the country.

SFL’s mission is to provide information and solutions to sport facility executives, their counsels, and affiliates to help minimize legal issues and help solve legal problems.  Rather than just report critical issues, SFL will endeavor to provide context and solutions for managers and attorneys.

“We are very fortunate to have Gil, who is an internationally recognized expert, attorney, author, and lecturer in sport law, facility safety, and facility management, as our Editor in Chief,” said Holt Hackney of Hackney Publications, the nation’s leading publisher of sports law periodicals. “Gil will oversee the editorial direction of SFL (, including managing a highly qualified editorial advisory board. He will also provide his own valuable insight on articles that appear in SFL.”

The newsletter, which is available on a complimentary basis to facility managers, attorneys, academicians, and affiliated entities in the field, will be published electronically every two months. To subscribe, readers should visit the following link:

“We are able to provide SFL for free because of the strong support from the industry, especially our initial advertisers, including Havkins Rosenfelt Ritzert & Varriale, LLP (HRRV) and Sadler Sports Insurance,” said Professor Fried. “They recognize that this will be a must-read publication that could help facility managers avoid unnecessary litigation and alleviate risk management headaches.”

Carla Varriale of HRRV added that such facilities “have unique liability issues. This publication will serve a broad audience by highlighting best practices and insights involving those issues. SFL brings the fresh perspective the industry needs.”